You want to get fit this year? Hire a PT

Personal Trainer

Of the many New Year resolutions that friends and colleagues appear to have committed to in 2015, ‘getting fit’ is among the most popular.

After the debauchery of Christmas parties and the consumption of vast quantities of food and drink, it is perhaps inevitable that your personal health, and weight, with be foremost in your mind; but as we approach week three of this new year, I wonder how many of those who wanted to ‘get fit’ have done anything about it?

The usual pattern for those that do, in my experience, is for a gym subscription to be purchased. You can see in Gym facilities up and down the country at present the huge surge in gym memberships, as regulars become increasingly agitated as the ‘new year resolution’ brigade hog the treadmills, bikes classes and other equipment.

By mid-February, the vast majority of these people will have started to make their excuses (not enough time, a minor injury, a sick pet to look after at home) disappeared, and abandoned the notion of fitness – probably until two weeks before they hit the beach, when they will desperately try, and fail, to create a Baywatch like body for their holidays.

Having studied this cycle for over twenty years now, I have a suggestion for those who have started on a new health and fitness regime; and would genuinely like to stick with it. Get some Personal Training sessions booked in.

A trainer will tailor your training sessions to your fitness level. They will not let you ‘go mad’ on day one, only to find yourself too sore, or too injured, to return for session two.

Having a PT will allow you to learn from a qualified expert what exercise will work for you and your body type. They will allow you to hit your targets quicker – saving you time.

And, most importantly, a good PT will motivate you. Motivate you to keep going through what will, and should be, challenging workouts; and motivating you to come back for more.

I have been going the gym for twenty-five years now, religiously, 2-4 times a week. Vanity has most probably been my main motivator if I’m honest.

During that quarter of a century of running, cycling, punch bag and weights, I have often altered my training regime to account for age, injuries and just to prevent boredom setting in. I’ve had to alter my diet massively during that time too. Super fit mates, Men’s Health magazines and the odd tip from a social media site has provided me with all the support, advice and guidance I wanted. Until last year.

In September I got myself a Personal Trainer. He has taken my training to another level, pushing me to places that I didn’t think I could get to, bullying me into doing that extra set, but most importantly tailoring a programme that hits the parts of my body that other exercises can’t reach.

Even those of us who are experienced trainers need a lift now and again, so if you’re new to training, or a bit of a ‘veteran’ like me, do yourself a favour and seek out a good PT who can help you maximise the benefit of your fitness regime.