Sell, Sell, Sell…

Sell Sell Sell

Selling more stuff is something that all businesses need to do, want to do, but seldom explore how to do.

We take on Business Development Managers, Marketers and occasionally direct Sales staff, and hope that somehow, some way these poor souls will be able to go out into the big wide world and generate income by selling our product.

We are unlikely to have any training in place for them, sales collateral will most likely be limited and within the company itself it will be seen very much as their responsibility to ‘make the sale’.

At our packed out ‘sell more stuff’ breakfast seminar in Liverpool yesterday, we set out to start to tackle some of these huge challenges. How do we embed selling into the culture of your whole business? How can we make the life of sales staff easier? How can we provide existing and potential future sales staff with the type of training and development programmes that most professions take for granted?

Salesman extraordinaire Andy Bounds, as always, had the 120 delegates buzzing with his tips and anecdotes on how he advises some of the biggest and best known brands on the planet to accept that sales starts at the top and filters down through to the rest of the business. Your company’s culture needs to embrace selling as an essential and positive part of your work rather than an unfortunate aspect of it.

The head honcho from Winning Pitch John Leach has help at hand for those desperate to improve the skills of their existing sales team, or indeed recruit better sales staff in the future. Winning Pitch is establishing a Sales Academy in Liverpool. Quality advice, support and training will be available to sales professionals, whether they are called BDM’s, Marketers or Relationship Managers.

This type of initiative is long overdue, and Downtown is delighted to be involved in promoting it. The good news is we can help you get help in paying for this staff training too. So, get in touch with Downtown now, and sort out places for your sales team so that they can sell more of your stuff in the New Year.